Pit, Potiphar, Prison, Palace

July 29, 2018

Pit, Potiphar, Prison, Palace

This is part one (1) of a two (2) part series. (2nd part is 2 Keys to Unlock the Supernatural Favor of God)

Your life as a Christian is being waged on a battlefield. If you know that, you’re wise, if not – you need to understand it – and fast!

The enemy knows what they are doing and they do it very well. In this series, you will uncover what Jesus said would be a sign of His return happening in the Church to believers – and you could be one of those Jesus was referring to!

In this series, Pastor Todd draws from the Word, how this attack of Satan has tripped up so many in the Body of Christ and how you can stop it dead in its track – but BE WARNED!!! This isn’t for the Faint of Heart Believer!