My Jesus and Me

By Heidi Young

So I’ve been thinking about what to write ever since I was given the opportunity.  I went over idea after idea.  Thinking to myself, this is it your chance to impress and inspire, to make your mark.  Finally, an opportunity of audience that actually knows who you are.  Then it hit me, you don’t know who I am.

I grew up in a home where God was a huge part of our life because a year before I was born my father was saved out of a very religious satan worshipping life style. He was the first in a long line of family tradition to ever break free.  I’m the second generation to keep the freedom going and my daughters are the third.  I’m not one to get anything off the accomplishments of others but knowing where you came from and the battles that took place to get you where you are significantly impact where you are going.  

Growing up with pastoral influences like R.W. Shambock, T.L. Osborn, Kenneth Copeland, and John Osteen the early part of my childhood was spent watching my parents spiritual growth with God.  We experienced financial gain and loss.  At one point when I was still in high school we were homeless.  But through every situation both spiritually and physically the Lord has remained my closes and most trusted family member.

Mom and dad sent my brother, sister, and myself to the local church vacation bible school every summer.  Going to church has always been one of my favorite things to do.  It was 1976, I was 5 years old.  I prayed the prayer to ask Jesus to forgive me of my sin.  It was 10 years later in my bedroom, on my knees saying my prayers for the night; when I asked Jesus to teach me how to be someone that He would prefer to abide with all the time.  We were attending a R.W. Shambock revival at Lakewood Church in 1987, I was 11 years old, there was an alter call to receive the gift of prayer to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  It felt as though warm thick honey had been poured over my head.  I say honey because it smells sweet and spicy at the same time.  That has never left me. I began ministering with my parents when I was 10 years old.  Its been the main focus of my life to share my Jesus with whomever I meet.  With out the presents of Holy Spirit to comfort and guide there can be no ministry.

My whole life through up, downs, ins, outs, good decisions, and bad decisions; Jesus has been my constant everything.  Apart from Him I really can not do anything.  We have been together all my life, even before I was saved at the age of 5, I remember talking and playing with Him. When He asked me to teach His children then showed me preaching and teaching as a pastor.  How could I not say yes to Him who as given so much for me.  

I am writing books for children and young adults, so that they might develop a solid foundation of who they are and how God sees them. I see the handiwork of God in the development of my children, the calling on my husband’s life, the way His presences moves at our church, I see Him in the sunrise every morning.  He is the air I breathe, in every step I take, and I am continually working toward living a life He can be proud of.  I have a burning desire to teach the saints of God how to adjust so that they position themselves to have an encounter with the Love that God has for them that they are changed, to bring healing for the hurting, to minister strength to the weak, to shine the Light in the darkness, to set the captive free, and to create an atmosphere where ever I go that the presence of God becomes tangible and lingers.  He wants to be with His people and I want Him to be with His people too.

Before I end this opportunity to share my Jesus and me time with you, I want to tell you about the day I got saved.  I’ve been blessed in my life with a few days that were turning points for me.  They get that label “Best Day Ever”.  This was the first for me:

I remember it was hot outside that day.  The sticky kind of hot that makes the back of your neck wet and your shoes squeak after wearing them to long.  That’s why I begged my mom to let me wear my white Easter sandals so my toes would stay cold and quiet.  I couldn’t wait to get to my class.  The ginger snaps, tropical punch koolaid, and singing “This little Light of Mine” where my favorite things to do.  That day things felt different.  He was there in the church.  The man from my dreams.  Standing by the pastor.  The pastor was talking about how it was important to ask Jesus to come into your heart, to say you were sorry for you sin, and then you had to come up there where he was so he could pray.  I understood what was being said, I had heard it before.  Talked to my mom about it and just the week before my brother went up there to talk to the pastor.  He called my name.  I remember I was getting tired of sitting there waiting, so I started swinging my feet and my sandal fell off.  I jumped down off the bench to get it and that’s when I heard Him.  I stepped out into the aisle.  I could smell lemon furniture polish, musty old books, and feel the rough red carpet on my toes.  There He was at the end of the aisle on one knee with His hand stretched out to me.  We had a friendship already.  I knew Him. His name was Jesus.  I love Him already.  I don’t know when I started loving Him I just always had.  He said to me, “Heidi, come down here to let everyone know you are mine.”  So, that’s what I did on that day during vacation bible school at Baulman Road Baptist Church in 1976.  I was 5 years old.  I met the man named Jesus, with those bright stormy fire blue eyes, on one knee with His hand out stretched, at the front of the church and prayed with the pastor to let everyone know that Jesus was mine.  

​​​Then it began………..

Heidi Young